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Do you participate in one of the LFCHD sponsored dental plans through Delta Dental? If so, read below for some important reminders.

More than 120 signs and symptoms of non-dental diseases can be detected through a routine oral exam. These are a few of the health problems with oral signs and symptoms:

  • Anemia: Burning, fiery red tongue, swelling of the corner of mouth or pale gums
  • Anorexia nervosa and bulimia: Erosion of tooth enamel, fillings raised above the eroded tooth surfaces, sensitive teeth, enlarged parotid glands and sweet breath aroma
  • Deficient immune system (HIV positive): Thrush mouth, unexplained sores, non-removable white areas on the sides of the tongue
  • Diabetes: Dry mouth, distinctive breath odor, burning tongue, high rate of tooth decay, inflammation and infections in the mouth
  • Heart disease: Pain radiating to the jaw
  • Kidney failure: Retarded tooth development in children, dry mouth, odor, metallic taste and ulcers on the tongue and gums

Don’t forget to schedule your annual exams. For a list of participating dentists, call customer service at 800-955-2030 or go to their website at

Delta Dental also offers discounts on hearing test and hearing aids through the Amplifon Program. Call 1-888-832-1867 to schedule your hearing appointment. This program offers these great feature to Delta Dental members:

  • 60-day trial period-100% money-back guarantee on hearing aids
  • 1-year free follow-up care for hearing aids
  • Free batteries for hearing aids
  • Average hearing aid savings of 25% off

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