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Know Your Co-Worker: Katrina Howard

Name: Katrina Howard

Job Title: Compliance & Projects Officer

Department/Program Name: Administration / Compliance & Projects

Years worked at LFCHD: 2

What is your favorite thing about working at LFCHD? My favorite thing about working at LFCHD is knowing that my work in some way impacts all residents and visitors of Lexington-Fayette County.

What was your previous job (if different from current position)? Prior to my career shift into Compliance, I was the laboratory manager for an embryology/in-vitro fertilization lab. I am a lab geek at heart.

What is your favorite movie, type of music/musician or book? To be honest, I really do not have a favorite of anything. My interests vary and jump around too much to have a favorite.

What is your favorite color? Blue

What is your favorite food/place to eat? I love all types of food. This is why I cannot ever decide where or what to eat. But, I do give preference to somewhere with a nice patio.

What do you like to do for fun? Probably the things that I enjoy the most are cooking and tailgating. Before a home UK football game, I will spend way too much time designing the menu and cooking for all our friends.

What word(s) describe you best? I would say the word inspired. My friends, family, and co-workers inspire me daily to do the best I can and treat people with the compassion and care I would want in return.

What is your greatest accomplishment? That one is easy–my kids. As a young mom, my son made me want to work hard and be the kind of mom he would be proud of. And, my daughter, who is so much like me it is scary, makes me want to protect her, yet encourage her to do all the things I was too scared to do.

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