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Know Your Co-Worker: Donna Lassanske

Donna Lassanske

Name: Donna Lassanske

Job Title: Registered Nurse

Department/Program Name: Clinical Services – TB

Years worked at LFCHD: 2 months

What is your favorite thing about working at LFCHD? Great people

What was your previous job (if different from current position)? Diagnostic Services

What is your favorite movie, type of music/musician or book? Funny movies or muscials, and oldie goldies and country music.

What is your favorite color? Light purple or blue

What is your favorite food/place to eat? Cracker Barrel, O’ Charlies, Cheddars, and Applebees

What do you like to do for fun? I like to be outdoors and do yard and garden work.

What type of pets do you have? Two horses, one barn cat, a mare, and foal.

What word(s) describe you best? Reserved, but engaging.

What is your greatest accomplishment? I raised three adopted children into adulthood.

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