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Think Green, Do Green

We often do not take the time to think about the impact of an environmentally friendly workforce. Your LFCHD Green Team is always looking for ways to incorporate less waste and more conscientious ways to recycle. If you would like to be a Green Team member, please join us any 4th Wednesday of the month at 650 Newtown Pike Training Room. We welcome and value your input!

Here are just a few ways Going Green makes a lasting impact:

  • Monetary Savings: reduced waste means reduced costs.
  • Protect the Environment: for every ton of paper recycled, 7,000 gallons of water and 17 trees are saved, reports the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Energy Savings: saving energy is both financial and environmental savvy.
  • Less Need for Strip Mining: recycling things like old computers that contain precious metals, can reduce the need for environmentally damaging strip mining.
  • Job Creation: 8,174 jobs created by the recycling industry in Kentucky.
  • Improved Company Image: recycling in the office can boost morale and increase individuals’ efforts at home.

From your Green Team, please take the time to properly recycle throughout your day.

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