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Behind the scenes: restaurant inspections


WKYT recently joined Danielle Wells on a restaurant inspection to get a look behind the scenes at our Environmental Health team is helping Lexington be well. Our inspectors visit Lexington’s 1,500-plus food establishments at least twice a year (among other duties!) to help prevent foodborne illnesses by making sure restaurants are up to the proper standards and are following regulations.

You can watch WKYT’s report here: LFCHD restaurant inspections!

Media coverage of Fayette Mall food court closing

July 23 food court mediaIf you missed the media’s coverage of the Fayette Mall food court closing for cleaning after our recommendation, you can see the links below:





LFCHD provides 542 rabies shots


We provided 542 rabies shots at Thursday night’s special clinic at Castlewood Park. The Environmental Health team worked hard planning the event, which was a huge success thanks to their efforts before and during the clinic!

We also held a Facebook Live broadcast, which can be found here: 2018 Rabies Vaccination Clinic.



Health department marks Radon Action Month with free at-home kits

radonJanuary is National Radon Action Month, and we have FREE home test kits! Radon is an invisible, odorless, radioactive gas that is found naturally in rocks and soil. It enters homes through cracks and other openings in foundations. Any home can have elevated levels of radon. The only way to know if your home has an elevated radon level is to test. Get your FREE radon testing kit 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday at 650 Newtown Pike. For information, call (859) 231-9791.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky has long promoted radon testing. When homeowners find high levels of radon, they are urged to fix the problem. Typically, radon mitigation systems are installed to reduce the radioactive gas. The systems are designed for continuous suction and exhaust of the gas so it doesn’t collect in basements, crawl spaces and other places within a home.

It is estimated that a million homes in Kentucky have elevated radon levels. Many homeowners are not fully educated on the link between radon and lung cancer, thereby resulting in a small number of residential mitigations. About 1,800-2,000 mitigations are done each year in Kentucky. Also, more newly built homes could be constructed radon-resistant, if the owner requests the builder to put in radon prevention technologies (radon-resistant new construction or RRNC) in the design.

Get your pets ready during National Pet Preparedness Month

June marks National Pet Preparedness Month and is a perfect opportunity for you to learn how to plan for your pet’s safety during an emergency event.

Graphic: What's in Your Pet Prep Kit?

If you need to evacuate your home for any reason, do not forget to plan for your furry, scaly, or feathered friends. The Ready Campaign offers guidance and tips with regard to:

  • Making a pet emergency plan.
  • Preparing shelter for your pet.
  • Protecting your pet during a disaster and caring for them afterwards.
  • Tips for large animals.

Learn more about how to prepare your pet(s) for emergency situations at

Graphic: Pet Preparedness

Preparedness event showcases responses to opioid crisis

The Region 15 Healthcare Coalition sponsored a MASH Showcase event Thursday, May 25, at Bluegrass Airport as part of its annual disaster preparedness planning to showcase resources available for medical emergency response.

The event featured a presentation on the opioid crisis in Kentucky, especially the Central Kentucky area made up by Region 15. Emphasis was placed on how communities must work together to fight the problem. Information on needle-exchange programs was also shared, along with other avenues of reaching vulnerable populations affected by the opioid crisis.

LFCHD staff who participated included: Dan Satterfield,  Skip Castleman, Laura Collins, Lindsay Earlywine, Kevin Hall, Kim Harris, Dr. Kraig Humbaugh, John Isaac, Cara Kay, Jill Keys, Ralph McCracken, Lynnsey McGarrah, Molly Roberts and Kara Stanfield.

You can see more from the event in the pictures below and through our Facebook Live broadcast: Region 15 Healthcare Coalition Showcase.


Pet Sounds: 345 rabies shots given at annual clinic

18519565_10155465600579739_4653715147973958619_nAs this puppy shows, everyone was all smiles at Thursday’s low-cost rabies vaccination clinic held at Valley Park. We provided rabies shots to dogs and cats as part of the annual event. The Environmental Health team worked hard planning the event, which was a huge success thanks to their efforts before and during the clinic!

We also held a Facebook Live broadcast, which can be found here: 2017 Rabies Vaccination Clinic.

LFCHD takes part in statewide Zika summit

The Kentucky Department for Public Health held a statewide Zika summit in Lexington yesterday to help public health professionals prepare for mosquito season. Our health department  had several employees take part, including appearing on stage during a demonstration to show how an agency might respond if a Zika case is reported.

You can see the news reports here:






Fight the Bite: LFCHD hosts media event on mosquito control program

Changes to the way the health department fights mosquitoes each summer prompted a special media event Wednesday morning. Dr. Kraig Humbaugh and Barrett Schoeck talked to reporters about the updates, while Bailey Preston and Kevin Hall hosted a Facebook Live broadcast.



Employees’ pets help promote May 4 Rabies Vaccination Clinic

The Lexington-Fayette County Health Department employees took time to share pictures of their own pets in order to help build a social media campaign to promote Environmental Health’s annual low-cost Rabies Vaccination Clinic.

Some of the social media campaign posts:

There was an overwhelming response from staff this year! Unfortunately, we were not able to use all the photographs submitted. Please check out some of your co-workers cute and cuddly family friends in the slideshow below. This year’s clinic will be held from 6-9 p.m. Thursday, May 4, at Valley Park.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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