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User’s Guide

Welcome to the new version of Healthy Times, the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department’s employee newsletter. After years of existing in a regimented print format, we are pleased to present a better communication tool for our employees by providing the freedom that comes from an online-only newsletter.

What can I expect to find in this new format?
In addition to the existing features found in Healthy Times (information/pictures from events, new employees, program highlights, etc.), the online version will provide even more content, including:
• Information on LFCHD programs
• Staff members/programs in the news
• Profiles/information about co-workers (this will be a voluntary Q&A sent to employees to fill out if they wish)
• Announcements like births, birthdays, weddings and more
• Regular updates from Human Resources on topical issues, like explaining benefits, information on classes/training, etc.
• Regular tips from Employee Wellness
• Staff achievements, like special training or completing classes
• More pictures, including special slideshow presentations that allow you to see several pictures from LFCHD events
• Links to online resources designed to help you have more information about LFCHD and its services

How do I find articles?
There are several easy ways to access information in the new Healthy Times. You can simply scroll down the page and view headlines (click on the headline or, when available, the “read more” link to view the entire article).

Click on the helpful "user's guide" above to get a closer look at some of the newsletter's new features.

Don’t want to scroll through everything? No problem. The right-hand side of the page provides many user-friendly options to help you find what you seek. Under “Categories,” you can find articles grouped by particular headings. By selecting a specific category, you will be given every article posted with that heading.

If you know when an article was published, you can also click on specific dates on the calendar. You can also hunt for specific terms using the “Search” option, while the “Archives” provides a monthly listing of every article posted.

When can I read it?
That’s simple: whenever you want. Now that we’re online, updates will be made regularly, including daily if needed. Some of you might want to check in every day to get the latest news, while others might want to come back weekly. We will send out weekly reminders to staff alerting you to a few highlights you might want to check out on here, but those wanting timelier reminders have another option. On the right-hand side of the page, enter your email in the “Subscribe” box, and you’ll be on your way to getting an email notification every time the newsletter is updated. It’s your news when you want it!

Note: The confirmation email for the “Subscribe” option is currently being routed into the network’s spam filter. A few hours after you submit your email address, you should receive a “User Quarantine Release Notification” in your work email inbox. Follow the instructions on that email to release your confirmation email so you can finish signing up for Healthy Times.

Why are we switching?
Moving to an online-only format has many advantages, including
• Reducing printing costs
• Allowing for timelier updates
• Allowing for more content
• Providing room for new features
• Allowing staff to view newsletter on work and non-work computers or smart phones and tablets. In particular, those of you with iPads will have a special reader-friendly design thanks to this site.

We’re excited to provide this new communication tool for everyone, and we will continue adding new features to the design in the weeks to come. We value your feedback and input, so if you have any thoughts or ideas to share, please submit them below:

Thank you for your help in making this online format of Healthy Times a reality, and we look forward to expanding and improving it as we move forward.